– Alan Singer,

As a business owner, I can tell you that these days recommendations and referrals are invaluable. The same is true in our busy private lives—even with the Internet at our fingertips, many of us just don’t have time to perform extensive searches for a contractor. An acquaintance referred John to me, and when my wife and I needed preventive maintenance in the form of a water heater replacement in 2012, we called John.

We wanted a plumber who was honest, had integrity, and would do the work in a timely fashion. John met and even exceeded our expectations. He discussed the options that were open to us, and gave us his opinion on which was best. He worked efficiently and completed the job on schedule, at the price he quoted. And speaking of cost, we originally had a more expensive plan in mind, but John talked us out of it. We would have spent more money with that plan, and he would have made more money, but this is where John’s sense of honesty and integrity came into play.

After setting up the water heater replacement with John, and scheduling when the work would be done, my wife and I were called out of town on an emergency. In our haste, we forgot about our appointment with John. He arrived at the house and installed the new heater without our even being there (the dog sitter let him in). When we arrived home, the work was finished and we had one less item on our To Do list to worry about.

In an industry that is not known for reliability, having a dependable contractor like John makes a world of difference. If you are looking for a straightforward, conscientious plumber who sticks to his timetable and does his work well, hire John.

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