– Amy Pearlman,
Framingham, MA

John Del Monte did the plumbing and the HVAC in our remodeled kitchen in 2006. When we were planning the new space, he told us the extremes of what we could do and let us weigh our options.

Previously, he had corrected faulty plumbing work for us that hadn’t been hooked up by a professional. We had been really unhappy with the previous work. John described to us what was wrong with it and how he planned to rectify it. We could take what he told us and think about it. He didn’t pressure us into doing anything. He was upfront in terms of cost as well. He wound up costing what he said he was going to.

John was efficient, honest, and clear. He told us what needed to be done and thoroughly explained the situation to us before we went forward with it. He cleaned up after himself very well and did not disturb our family in the process.

I would certainly call him for other work. He’s done work for family and neighbors also, and we’ve all been pleased.

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