– C. Frasier,

My wife and I first met John when we had trouble with our bathroom shower plumbing. Having the water turn cold in the middle of your shower is unpleasant, but having it turn scalding hot is dangerous. So, we needed a plumber, and we needed one fast.

John’s telephone ad copy caught my eye in that it focused on residential repairs as being his specialty. I also liked the fact that he is local and that he is a small business owner. It’s important to me to be able to talk to the owner of a business.

John came over to our house and he zeroed in on the problem, which he explained to us in detail. He was professional, competent, and courteous. His expertise in his field was obvious, and he was proactive in making practical suggestions for additional adjustments.

John is responsive and reliable, and he respects the customer’s time—we really appreciated his timely updates so that we knew exactly what time he would arrive. This sets him apart from so many other contractors.

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