– Lenore Tracey,

When the installers of the radon mitigation system in my mother’s house hit a pipe, and weren’t able to reach their plumber, we called John instantly. He was at the house within ten minutes, to test whether the pipe was live or not. Discovering that the water main leading to the street needed repairs, John called the Town and arranged for water maintenance technicians to do the work. A situation that could have been completely disastrous turned out wonderfully.

We’re concerned about reliability. We’ve dealt with contractors who take liberties with people’s time: they fail to show up when scheduled, don’t call to say they will be late, or, even worse, cancel without notification. John is the exact opposite. He returns phone calls promptly, he arrives on time or phones if he is running late, and he completes the work in the timeframe he estimated for it.

John is local and he is licensed, two things that are important to us. First impressions do count, and ours of John was that he is professional, knowledgeable, and that he stands behind the quality of not only his work, but of the materials he uses. He freely shares his opinions on products, and is mindful of our price range.

We appreciate that John does his work correctly—there are no problems afterward that have to be remediated. He is neat and cleans up the work area completely. And his price estimates are fair.

You’ll have no regrets if you hire John for your next plumbing or heating job because there will be no surprises. Clear communication is part of his work ethic; he will discuss every step with you along the way, explain alternatives, and find a solution that works for you.

One other point worth mentioning. On one job, John arrived with a senior from Natick High School in tow. The student was interning with John for a month, and when the internship was over, John recommended him to another plumbing company, which hired him as an apprentice. How many contractors do you know who would be so open with their time, knowledge, and expertise?

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