– Lori Stalker,
Framingham and Newton, MA

John Del Monte has been my plumber since 1999. He updated the system substantially in our former Framingham home a few years ago-he did much more than just putting in a new toilet. The old heating unit had to come out and be replaced before we could sell.

In our Newton home, also an older house, John went carefully when we called him to unstop a plugged pipe. He evaluated whether there were any fragile pipes that would be damaged by snaking. He helped us avoid unnecessary damage.

When I let him know we were planning to redo the kitchen, John was very helpful in recommending to me how to sequence some other renovations. For example, we have several bathrooms that needed work, and he informed us that the best time to do update that plumbing would be when the kitchen ceiling was exposed for renovation. This saved us both time and money. He’s very helpful in thinking through how to best approach updating an older home.

John’s very trustworthy. He’s there when he says he will be. He always returns calls. You’re never just left hanging. He describes the work that needs to be done in way that I can understand it. When he says what he needs to charge, it has always seemed that I was being charged fairly.

John spends time thinking about the problem. He doesn’t just rush into something. He spends a lot of time checking and measuring to find the position of the pipes before cutting into any walls. He’s careful and thorough. I appreciate that.

One detail I really like: We have inside cats that are declawed. John is the one of the few workers who, when I’ve explained the cats can’t go outside, consistently acts accordingly. Other people I’ve had to remind repeatedly. John shows a sensitivity to our individual needs. It’s part of what makes him trustworthy. When he comes in, he cleans his boots-he even at times takes off his shoes. When he’s finished with a job, he vacuums. These are more signs of respectfulness and professionalism.

I would recommend John Del Monte to anyone. He’s my plumber for life-I know he’s got my best interests at heart.

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