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I called Del Monte Plumbing and Heating when the heat in the new construction in my basement didn’t work properly that first winter. Even though it was its own zone, it would only fire up when the upstairs heat was off. John came in, took one look at how the installing plumber had configured it, and instantly knew how to set it right—and the price was surprisingly reasonable. We had a toasty basement that winter thanks to Del Monte Plumbing and Heating.

– Laura Matthews,
Framingham, MA

John Del Monte of Del Monte Plumbing and Heating has been our plumber since 2006. We needed some new toilets installed. We also had him look at our hot water tank and boiler, since our neighbor with an identical house had just had a huge flood because of his old hot water tank. We asked John his advice on what to do if ours started leaking. Because of the way the builder had configured our basement, our heater and boiler weren’t easily accessible.

Because it was in the middle of winter, John recommended waiting until the warmer weather to replace anything, which we appreciated. He didn’t try to pressure us into getting something done immediately, since everything was working at the time. But then the heater started leaking in February. John’s service was terrific. He called the people he needed and got here the next day. He also let us know that the old boiler we had would have been insufficient for an addition we are planning. Not only did he reconfigure everything to make it much easier for future access, he also took the time to fully explain everything to us, which was great because we know nothing about plumbing. Everything he said made sense.

I thought his price was extremely fair. He saw to it that everything that needed to be done was done in a very quick and professional manner. One thing about John, he always calls right back.

Another time our boiler had stopped working and we didn’t have hot water. I called him, and even though he was in Maine on vacation, he called me right back and told me what to do. I was able to fix the problem myself!

Working with John Del Monte is always effortless. He makes everything easy to understand and can explain it so you know what’s going on. I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. It’s been a real pleasure to find a plumber who returns your calls and does what he says he’s going to do.

– Karen Strattner,
Framingham, MA

John Del Monte did the plumbing and the HVAC in our remodeled kitchen in 2006. When we were planning the new space, he told us the extremes of what we could do and let us weigh our options.

Previously, he had corrected faulty plumbing work for us that hadn’t been hooked up by a professional. We had been really unhappy with the previous work. John described to us what was wrong with it and how he planned to rectify it. We could take what he told us and think about it. He didn’t pressure us into doing anything. He was upfront in terms of cost as well. He wound up costing what he said he was going to.

John was efficient, honest, and clear. He told us what needed to be done and thoroughly explained the situation to us before we went forward with it. He cleaned up after himself very well and did not disturb our family in the process.

I would certainly call him for other work. He’s done work for family and neighbors also, and we’ve all been pleased.

– Amy Pearlman,
Framingham, MA

John Del Monte has been my plumber since 1999. He updated the system substantially in our former Framingham home a few years ago-he did much more than just putting in a new toilet. The old heating unit had to come out and be replaced before we could sell.

In our Newton home, also an older house, John went carefully when we called him to unstop a plugged pipe. He evaluated whether there were any fragile pipes that would be damaged by snaking. He helped us avoid unnecessary damage.

When I let him know we were planning to redo the kitchen, John was very helpful in recommending to me how to sequence some other renovations. For example, we have several bathrooms that needed work, and he informed us that the best time to do update that plumbing would be when the kitchen ceiling was exposed for renovation. This saved us both time and money. He’s very helpful in thinking through how to best approach updating an older home.

John’s very trustworthy. He’s there when he says he will be. He always returns calls. You’re never just left hanging. He describes the work that needs to be done in way that I can understand it. When he says what he needs to charge, it has always seemed that I was being charged fairly.

John spends time thinking about the problem. He doesn’t just rush into something. He spends a lot of time checking and measuring to find the position of the pipes before cutting into any walls. He’s careful and thorough. I appreciate that.

One detail I really like: We have inside cats that are declawed. John is the one of the few workers who, when I’ve explained the cats can’t go outside, consistently acts accordingly. Other people I’ve had to remind repeatedly. John shows a sensitivity to our individual needs. It’s part of what makes him trustworthy. When he comes in, he cleans his boots-he even at times takes off his shoes. When he’s finished with a job, he vacuums. These are more signs of respectfulness and professionalism.

I would recommend John Del Monte to anyone. He’s my plumber for life-I know he’s got my best interests at heart.

– Lori Stalker,
Framingham and Newton, MA

When the installers of the radon mitigation system in my mother’s house hit a pipe, and weren’t able to reach their plumber, we called John instantly. He was at the house within ten minutes, to test whether the pipe was live or not. Discovering that the water main leading to the street needed repairs, John called the Town and arranged for water maintenance technicians to do the work. A situation that could have been completely disastrous turned out wonderfully.

We’re concerned about reliability. We’ve dealt with contractors who take liberties with people’s time: they fail to show up when scheduled, don’t call to say they will be late, or, even worse, cancel without notification. John is the exact opposite. He returns phone calls promptly, he arrives on time or phones if he is running late, and he completes the work in the timeframe he estimated for it.

John is local and he is licensed, two things that are important to us. First impressions do count, and ours of John was that he is professional, knowledgeable, and that he stands behind the quality of not only his work, but of the materials he uses. He freely shares his opinions on products, and is mindful of our price range.

We appreciate that John does his work correctly—there are no problems afterward that have to be remediated. He is neat and cleans up the work area completely. And his price estimates are fair.

You’ll have no regrets if you hire John for your next plumbing or heating job because there will be no surprises. Clear communication is part of his work ethic; he will discuss every step with you along the way, explain alternatives, and find a solution that works for you.

One other point worth mentioning. On one job, John arrived with a senior from Natick High School in tow. The student was interning with John for a month, and when the internship was over, John recommended him to another plumbing company, which hired him as an apprentice. How many contractors do you know who would be so open with their time, knowledge, and expertise?

– Lenore Tracey,

My wife and I first met John when we had trouble with our bathroom shower plumbing. Having the water turn cold in the middle of your shower is unpleasant, but having it turn scalding hot is dangerous. So, we needed a plumber, and we needed one fast.

John’s telephone ad copy caught my eye in that it focused on residential repairs as being his specialty. I also liked the fact that he is local and that he is a small business owner. It’s important to me to be able to talk to the owner of a business.

John came over to our house and he zeroed in on the problem, which he explained to us in detail. He was professional, competent, and courteous. His expertise in his field was obvious, and he was proactive in making practical suggestions for additional adjustments.

John is responsive and reliable, and he respects the customer’s time—we really appreciated his timely updates so that we knew exactly what time he would arrive. This sets him apart from so many other contractors.

– C. Frasier,

As a business owner, I can tell you that these days recommendations and referrals are invaluable. The same is true in our busy private lives—even with the Internet at our fingertips, many of us just don’t have time to perform extensive searches for a contractor. An acquaintance referred John to me, and when my wife and I needed preventive maintenance in the form of a water heater replacement in 2012, we called John.

We wanted a plumber who was honest, had integrity, and would do the work in a timely fashion. John met and even exceeded our expectations. He discussed the options that were open to us, and gave us his opinion on which was best. He worked efficiently and completed the job on schedule, at the price he quoted. And speaking of cost, we originally had a more expensive plan in mind, but John talked us out of it. We would have spent more money with that plan, and he would have made more money, but this is where John’s sense of honesty and integrity came into play.

After setting up the water heater replacement with John, and scheduling when the work would be done, my wife and I were called out of town on an emergency. In our haste, we forgot about our appointment with John. He arrived at the house and installed the new heater without our even being there (the dog sitter let him in). When we arrived home, the work was finished and we had one less item on our To Do list to worry about.

In an industry that is not known for reliability, having a dependable contractor like John makes a world of difference. If you are looking for a straightforward, conscientious plumber who sticks to his timetable and does his work well, hire John.

– Alan Singer,

I was introduced to John through work colleagues, they assured me that he returns phone calls, shows up on time, knows what he’s doing and reasonable with pricing. I have used his services on several occasions since, he even came out on a sunday once. My colleagues where correct and I am so happy to have a plumber I can count on and trust.

– Donna L.

John Del Monte has been doing our plumbing for quite a number of years now. He has done both new installations as well as repairs. His work is exceptional. John is very thorough and he completely explains what he is going to do and why. You can see by the way he approaches his work that he is a highly skilled professional who knows exactly what he is doing. John makes sure that I am aware of any issues that may need to be addressed while he is working and proceeds to efficiently complete the job. Just recently our upstairs shower developed a leak that was staining the ceiling below. I contacted John and he told me that he would be at our house within an hour, and he was. John proceeded to quickly replace the necessary valves to fix the leak. I cannot say enough good things about John’s plumbing expertise, professionalism, and responsiveness. It is a real pleasure doing business with him.

– John Kapp